Old Wooden Rocking Chair

Dear Old Wooden Rocking Chair,
May I sit down a while?
I would never want it to be any trouble,
But my soul feels truly tired.

May I place my weight firmly into your lap?
I know you’ll hold me steady regardless of the burden. 
We can rock and sway for hours.
I know you’ll feel my heart ache churning. 

I would caress your dry smooth handles,
Beneath my empty hands.
I would wonder who else has held onto you,
Who else has made these selfish demands? 

I’ll lean into your strong structure, 
I crave your unwavering protection.
I’d ease my head back into your rest,
You’ll catch me without question. 

Your old bones may creak beneath the tension
Still I know you can withstand it during our time.
So intricately, beautifully built.
Are you damned because you are mine? 

They wouldn’t believe me if I told the story
How I found you beside the road.
Cast out, forgotten, buried, rejected
Laid out to wither and corrode.

Surely it was a mistake that you needed my care.
Their reasons for abandoning you must have weight. 
Even as you sit here unrefined and bruised,
My only conclusion is that they were forced to vacate.

So now you are mine
Sitting in contrast of the chaos that surrounds you
Never quite sure of when the day will come
That I need to borrow your strength for a moment or two.

Only you, Old Wooden Rocking Chair,
It has only been you who has answered my every call.
I need not worry if you’ll receive my distress.
I need not worry if you’ll be there, at all. 

As we sit here together,
I feel entirely at peace.
I can hang up the anxieties of the day behind me,
I can lose track of the ones that are ahead of me.

I come to you on the days that I need you the most
We move back and forth effortlessly. 
Though the thought often crossing my mind
How you, too, may need me? 

I picked you up that day
With a promise in my heart.
I wanted to wash you, polish you, love you
I wanted to offer you a new start.

I’m beyond apologetic 
If your time with me has felt underwhelming.
I am working on being the best version of me,
Though I never mean to make you question. 

You must though, 
As you sit here alone on the cold floor.
It pains me to think that you feel unwanted
It pains me to wonder if you question if you aren’t worth more. 

I thank you for taking my body into your care
I thank you for giving me a place for my soul to bare. 
It is here I have planned my greatest events
It is here that I have even myself convinced

That one day you and I will make our great escape.
Just you and me
Old Wooden Rocking Chair, 
Yes… one day.

Hold onto this promise
I sing to you each time I come to fill your arms
The words leaving my lips are yours to keep
Forever engrained into your cold, rough columns.

Sway with me once again on this lonely night
Allow us to dance beneath the full pink moon
I’ll keep you company through the mundane
And pray the nightmares in my soul you’ll consume. 

You are beautiful, you are a blessing
You are so forgivingly kind
I’ll always know that I don’t deserve you,
I’ll always know that you are damned because you are mine.

|copyright © Katie Bailes – it’s complikatied blog|

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