Excuse the mess! We’re just a sort-of-typical, modern day mixed family living out our perfectly imperfect life with Jesus in our hearts, strong coffee in our hands & Lego’s under our feet.

If you’re looking for a blog space that follows all proper English grammar rules and punctuation, well, I’m not sure you’ve landed in your destination of choice. I can, however, promise to be real and will strive to make you giggle during the majority of my ramblings. I am certainly not tech-savvy so it’s likely this beginner blogger has some of the coding done inaccurately, but enjoy the crazy while I figure it all out! It’ll likely remain crazy, unkempt, and unorganized throughout my journey here in this space…. henceforth the name of it all:

it’s compli-KATIE-d !

Bailes: Party of 5.

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