Numero Uno

For YEARS I have wanted to start a blog… family & close friends have even urged for me to do so. Randomly I will ramble on social media posts about whatever was weighing on me, and I felt silly because it would be in those moments that I wished I had a place like this to blog-it-out. Y’know, a place where if someone actually wanted to see it they would seek it out rather than be subjected to it by innocently scrolling through their “timelines”. Ha! I apologize poor scrollers, that will be now a thing of the past. I hereby proclaim to ramble here, where probably only my sweet mother will read it … but, hey! Who knows, maybe others will stumble upon my mindless monologues. Maybe my husband will even clicked-y-click on here as well. Sup, babe. I’ve wrestled with ideas & what the content would include. I follow other blogs that have themes and rarely do they stray from their regular spiels. Here’s the thing, y’all: I’ll probably stray. I likely won’t really have much of a theme, so enjoy that. I can say that I’ll write based off life events, experiences, and ideas that I wish to share. It is my blog, after all. That may include something along the lines of recipes I’ve tried (and failed), posts about hobbies of mine, venting about the blessings of mommy-hood and I might even sprinkle in an idea or two from my Occupational Therapy background. Who knows. What I do know is you’ll be getting the REAL me. Just like the picture included in this post, you’ll get the girl who takes time & energy into something she’s cool with presenting to everyone AND you’ll be getting the raw, unkempt version of sweet ‘ol me. I’m not sure if I should say sorry or you’re welcome? Either way, I think it’s going to be fun. For me, at least.

The title of my blog was something that I thought up one day while I was mulling over what to call it. I wanted something meaningful, if possible, or something that would act as an umbrella for all the various themes and topics I would write. It was such a struggle to not alliterate, because I naturally want everything to be fun like that. It’s a weird issue of mine, I do it for almost everything I organize. Anyways, I giggled at myself when I thought, “this is way more complicated than it should be, but when do I not complicate things? Maybe that’s what I should call it: Complicated Katie…”   

< < LIGHT BULB > >

It was then that I had to pull my phone out and type it into the note section on my phone: Resolutions for 2019- write a blog, “it’s compli-Katie-d.” Initially I wanted to jump on this moving train for my 30th birthday, but that came and passed. I admittedly hid under the excuses and weight of anxiety with the thought running rampant in my mind, “no one will care… no one will read… and if they do, I’ll be making a fool of myself.”  Well y’all, here I am! Baring my Southern soul to the world wide web for cheap entertainment, understanding that there’s a really good chance the majority may not make it past post numero uno. That’s totally cool. I’m not doing it for you, boo boo, I’m doing this for me {finally}. With all the love & respect and with a heart full of kind intentions, I do hope that you enjoy each post that I create. Thank you for being a part of my journey into this vulnerable new hobby of mine & thank you for reading! 

Y’all come back now, ya hear?!

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